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Our product range includes a wide range of stag b jointing paste and anabond neveseiz c 975.
Stag B Jointing Paste

Stag B Jointing Paste

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Minimum Order Quantity: 2 Kg

Product Brochure

Surface of ApplicationJOINT PARTITION
Grade StandardIndustrial Grade
Packaging TypeBOTTLE
Weight1 KG
Shelf Life1 YEAR
Packaging Size1 KG

Stag B paste is easy break, smooth consistency, lead-free jointing compound. Stag B is of thick consistency for use on surfaces made uneven by corrosion or those bearing heavy tool marks, etc. It may be used on screw-threaded joints. It is recommended for use on fittings with a diameter of 13 - 38mm. For fittings larger than 38 mm or highly coarse, it is strongly advisable to incorporate hemp (or fiber) reinforcement, suitably wetted with Stag B into the threads.
Stag B jointing paste is ideal for use on all types of flanges or screw threaded joints and have been formulated to meet the most requirements of the Steam Turbo-Generator based Power Plants, Automotive, Marine, Electrical, Plumbing and General Engineering Industries. It is suitable for use on pipe-work carrying water, brine, steam, gas fuel oil, diesel oil, petrol or compressed air.


Colour : Reddish Brown

Solvent Content : 10 - 12 %

Consistency : Thick caste

Flash Point : 12 deg C

Volatile Content : 

Temperature Range : -40 to +65 deg C

Specific Gravity : 2.13 to 2.16

Insulation Resistance : 45 X 109 ohm/ cm

Breakdown Voltage : 1,32,000 volts/ cm

SPECIFICATION:  Meets British Standard 6956; Part 5: 1992
Stag B jointing paste is applied by brush to previously cleaned surfaces, free from rust, dirt, oil, grease, etc.
In normal circumstances it may be used with or without packing in accordance with normal pipe fitting practice.

Stag B is particularly suitable for use on steam turbine parting flanges, flanges of steam pipe connections and various steam-threaded connections. Stag B has performed and excelled as steam sealant in steam turbines, boiler feed-water pumps, boiler-areas, steam/ water/ brine pipes etc. in many thermal power plants.
However, being thermoplastic this jointing paste should be reinforced with hemp or wick when threaded connections/ joints are liable to extremes of temperature and pressure. Use Stag B with a Taylor''s Ring for very coarse or rough threads.
Being highly chemical resistant, it can also be used on threaded connections in refinery, chemical plants, petrochemical complexes, pharmaceutical and many other process industries.
Stag B is resistant to town gas and Natural Gas. Hence is ideal for domestic supply connections.
Excellent resistance to Petrol, Diesel and most oils make Stag B suitable for sealing gearboxes, crankcases and other flange joints in IC engines.
Stag B is resistant to most acids hence provides excellent corrosion resistance on battery terminals.
Stag B contains Isopropanol, which, being inflammable, represents the only significant hazard during use. Removal from hands can be effected using a proprietary waterless hand cleaner. For further information, see Health and Safety Data Sheet.

Store at normal ambient temperatures and observe the relevant regulations for the storage of inflammable materials.
At least two years in unopened containers.
Stag B is supplied ready for use but if thickening occurs due to solvent evaporation, it can be returned to their normal consistency by adding Isopropanol.

Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: within two days
  • Packaging Details: 1 kg pack

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  • Anabond Neveseiz c 975
  • Anabond Neveseiz c 975
  • Anabond Neveseiz c 975
Anabond Neveseiz c 975

Anabond Neveseiz c 975

Rs 1,075  / KgGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 12 Kg

Product Brochure

Packaging Size1 KG
Unit Pack Size1 KG
Packaging TypeCONTAINER
GradeANABOND C 975
Weight1 KG
Chemical BaseSynthetic grease

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  Technology Anti-Seize Chemical type Synthetic grease Appearance Smooth Paste Colour Gold or Copper like colour Cure Non curing Application Lubrication  Anabond Neveseiz C-975 is an anti-seize compound formulated from colloidal copper and graphite which permits easy assembly and disassembly of close fitting parts and threaded fasteners. Anabond Neveseiz C-975 comes in ready to use tins and can be applied by brush. Anabond Neveseiz C-975 adheres to the part and does not wash away with fluids. Chemically inert and nonvolatile, it will not leave any carbon residue on threads. It remains non-hardening even under extreme heat or cold conditions. Anabond Neveseiz C-975 can be used direct from the supplied containers by brush on to the parts. The parts should be clean and free from foreign particles. Anabond Neveseiz C-975 has good wetting properties, yet proper care should be taken to spread the compound through the entire mating area, with the use of a brush. This product is typically used in applications up to 975 °C.   TYPICAL USES  1. Prevents seizure in bolts and nuts, studs due to extreme temperature in turbine. Air compressor, Jet engine parts, boilers, tyre curing machines, hot forgoing moulds etc.  2. Used as a lubricant in gears, chains, cables, sprockets, rollers and hinges of machines and equipments.  3. Ensures proper torque and eliminates thread seizure in aluminium and stainless steel bodies.  4. Heavy interference fit sprockets and gears are assembled using Anabond Neveseiz C-975 ensuring easy disassembly using proper tools. No fretting corrosion and seizing and hence avoids cutting by torch, saving valuable machinery parts.  5. Useful in flanged pipelines of refineries.  6. Reduces corrosion and seizing in fertilizer plants due to strong chemical action and weathering.  7. Used as gasket coat application, makes removal of gasket easier without damage.  8. Used in ore processing and slurry handling equipments.  9. Used in furnace flanges and bolts.  10. Exhaust flange bolts and nuts in automotives and earth moving equipments.      Typical Properties of uncured material  Viscosity at 25°C, Brookfield DV-II+, Spindle 7, speed 10rpm, cPs,  ATM R006 (ISO*2555) Min 2,00,000  Specific gravity at 250C, ATM* R004 (JIS* K6820) 1.40 – 1.60 Flow consistency Non sag paste Flash Point Refer MSDS  Operating parameters  Application temperature ???C 20 to 40 Temperature resistance ???C - 40±2ºC to 975±5°C  Typical Performance  Lap shear strength at 300±50C for 5hours No load Temperature resistance – M 10 bolt & nut applied with C975 and tightened to 2kg torque and kept at 975±5ºC for 2hours checked at RT, kg Break loose torque <3.0 Salt spray test on M 10 bolt & nut applied with C975 and tightened to 2kg for 168hours, kg Break loose torque <3.0    General Information  This product is not recommended for use in pure oxygen and/or oxygen rich systems and should not be selected as a lubricant for chlorine or other strong oxidizing materials. 
Handling  Before handling, read product safety data sheets (MSDS) and container labels for safe use.    Directions for use  For best performance clean the surface with a solvent such as isopropyl alcohol, acetone or methyl ethyl ketone or with coarse lint free cloth.  Apply thin coating to threads and flats of nuts and bolts, assemble.  Storage  The optimal storage condition is 200C to 400C. Storage below or more than the temperature specified, has impact on the product properties.  

Additional Information:

  • Production Capacity: AVAIBLE
  • Delivery Time: WITHIN 2 DAYS

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